Note from JenR: Yes, another dust jacket for Wicked Game. What can I say? This story inspires me...
See how many actual story references you recognize in this one - situations and objects.

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The first Wicked Game dust jacket - by Spiced Rum
The first dust jacket for Wicked Game, by Spiced Rum
Wicked Game dust jacket - 2000 - by JenR
First by JenR
Wicked Game dust jacket - 2001 - by JenR
Another by JenR
Floral WG cover by JenR
A more romantic style by JenR

Scully makes a deal with the devil.  A devil with beautiful green eyes...

NOTES: This was begun in response to a challenge from a member of the original NLEB, who wanted to see a .... well, a story with the theme this one has. (Check the start date -- NOBODY was writing SKipper fic in those days...) I never really thought about this particular subject, but then this intriguingly sick idea came to me on the way to work one morning (hey, I gotta find some way to occupy my mind during the hour-long bus ride), and voila, this story was born.
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